As Built Drawings

When a construction project begins, blueprints are created to chart a roadmap for construction. However, the final construction usually differs from the original blueprint because the design of the structure undergoes several modifications throughout its lifecycle. As-built drawings are created after the completion of the project to provide the client details of the construction that enable him to manage and maintain the constructed structure.

Since as-built drawings play a vital role in maintaining the structure and in case of any modifications or renovations required at a later stage, their quality and accuracy are of great importance.

How to enhance the quality of as-built drawings?

Many construction companies follow the process of creating as-built drawings after the construction is completed. The shortcoming of this method is that the as-built drawings are inaccurate and not detailed enough. This flaw can only be corrected if data is captured, stored, edited, and distributed throughout the lifecycle of the project. Cloud computing addresses this issue by facilitating the storage of plans and updates. Since cloud storage can be accessed from anywhere at any time, the members of the project team can update details easily in the cloud. Besides, using the cloud from the beginning stages of the project ensures that all design features are stored from the initial stages of the project.

The quality of an as-built drawing depends largely on the data it contains. It is recommended that you include as many details as possible in the as-built drawing. There are several tools that help capture data from the initial stages of the project.

Some technologies for capturing data are:

Laser Scanning: This is a survey tool that accurately measures the distance between two points. By using this tool throughout the construction process, relevant data can be collected for the as-built drawings.

Building Information Modeling(BIM): Including BIM design and construction data in the as-built drawing enhances their quality. These inputs enable visualization of various components and other details to simplify maintenance of the structure.

Connected Construction Data: It is vital to make connected construction data available to the client because any data that goes amiss can cost the owner dearly. Connected construction software such as Autodesk Construction Cloud facilitates collecting critical data such as details of assets, documents, models, etc. Further, these details are organized by the software and so the data can be presented to the client in the form of as-built drawings as soon as the construction is completed.

The accuracy of the as-built drawings can be enhanced by including construction photos that contain GPS data in them.

Any structure undergoes minor or major modifications with time. It is a good idea to create dynamic as-built drawings that can be updated. Providing accessibility to the drawings through the cloud enables various stakeholders to view and update changes as and when required.

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