If planning to start any construction works in Washington DC, Baltimore, Maryland and Virginia , it is advisable to utilize pre-construction services. This will not only ensure work goes on smoothly but will also save on time and costs. Pre-construction services come in handy during the first stage of overall planning, coordination, and control of any construction project. It paints the picture of the scope of works involved, how they are going to be executed and how much you are likely to spend in the entire project among others. Through it, you can better prepare yourself to handle the whole construction process and also gather sufficient resources.

To have a better understanding of why it is important to acquire pre-construction services in Washington DC, Baltimore, Maryland and Virginia, let’s first analyze what exactly Pre-Construction involves.

Pre-Construction Process

Pre-construction helps lay all the facts on the table. This includes the time the project is likely to take, an estimate of the amount of money the project will consume, the different professionals who will be needed and so on. While analyzing all these aspects pre-construction enables the client to look into some cost-effective options.

This is a modern approach for preparation before actual construction. In the past, the design-bid-build method was used. This is whereby designs, plans, and specifications would be created during the design stage and they would then form the construction documents. Cost estimates would be made using schematic designs and analyzing other completed projects of a similar scope. Once the costs were finalized as per the clients’ decisions, the job would proceed to the design development stage, then construction documents would be prepared.

The client would invite interested parties to bid for the job and then select the most suitable bid. Usually cost estimates and bids were prepared by cost estimators. The disadvantage with this method was some issues in the planning process were tackled separately, sometimes without the owners’ involvement.

Pre-construction comes in to solve this, as it involves clients in every stage of the planning process and values their input. This helps tailor-make the construction plans and estimates to suit the client’s needs.

What Do You Get from Pre-construction Services?

Pre Construction services in Washington DC, Baltimore, Maryland and Virginia include cost estimating, creating plans, scheduling, value engineering, permitting and land acquisition among others. If you hire pre-construction services, these are the specific services you are likely to get.

  •  Initial Meetings and follow-ups– This involves meetings with the client to find out your objectives, goals, and budget. These shall be used to inform all decisions made during the planning stage.
  • Evaluation of the Project – All the Needs and expectations of the project are laid out and made clear to all parties involved. The final conceptualization of the building, including its size, design and floor plans are decided upon. Also, suitable design-consultants and inspectors are selected.
  • Initial Schematic Designs Clients are provided with a visual of how the project will look like when done. Feedback is then taken and used to make necessary corrections.
  • Budget Estimates – The cost estimates of materials, equipment, and labor are rated against the clients’ estimates. Whenever possible, cost-saving alternatives are adopted.
  • Appropriate Material and Equipment -What is needed, where and how to obtain them is decided upon. LEED and sustainable construction options are also evaluated and decided upon.
  • Value Engineering – This involves finding cost-effective alternatives that will still serve the same purpose and life-cycle cost as per the client’s wishes
  • Site Analysis A thorough evaluation of the site is made to ensure it will fit all the requirements of the project. The evaluation can be used to predict any issues and unplanned costs that may arise.
  • Proper Approvals– There are several legal permits and approvals needed for a construction project. Pre- Construction takes care of all of them.
  • Review of Design Documents– This ensures that everything is in line with the client’s needs. Construction will not begin until everyone is on board.
  • Preliminary schedules – All activities involved in the construction process are outlined and a start time, finish time and approval milestones are agreed upon.
  • The final budget – After analyzing every service, materials, and equipment needed a final look at the budget shall be done to see if there is any way costs can further be reduced.
  • Procurement Management – There are materials, equipment, and services that may take a long time to deliver. These shall be evaluated and plans made on how to order them so that the construction process is not delayed.
  • Bid Packaging -The bid process shall begin and the most suitable one selected. The final schedule shall then be created.
  • Safety Considerations – It is important for all involved in the construction process to carry out their work in a safe environment. Safety hazards shall be identified and safety measures adopted to ensure everyone is safe and work runs smoothly.



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