How to Seek the Right Firm for Outsourcing BIM Resources?

Several companies outsource BIM management, working with Building Information Modeling experts for addressing in-house needs. However, that approach may not be apt for every firm. BIM resource sharing management is a complicated task, dealing with support and maintenance of system, successful deployment, training, and standards.

Management of BIM resource sharing demands a blending of skills and experience, with technical support, project guidance, design, engineering, and construction expertise.

Check out whether a BIM company abides by the following aspects:

Tips/Steps for BIM resource sharing:

• Creates & Nurtures BIM vision: 

Find out that the BIM Company you are choosing can deliver an insightful 3D BIM Modeling solution throughout the project development life cycle. The BIM experts should be able to create and nurture the right BIM vision for you and collaboratively execute projects, allowing better understanding with reduced errors and higher accuracy.

• Chooses, Implements & Maintains BIM Software 

Select the BIM company who values client requirement and can systematically deal with complex projects with high level of precision implementing various software applications like Autodesk Revit, 3DS Max, Navisworks, BIM 360 Glue, AutoCAD Plant 3D, Tekla, Autodesk AutoCAD, Solidworks, Autodesk Fusion 360, Inventor, Sketchup, Rhinoceros, Creo, Solid Edge and more.

• Adopts New Technologies to Support BIM Projects

Hire the BIM Company that executes projects in an integrated way, encompassing collaboration of technology and advanced construction techniques. The BIM service provider should undertake continuous analysis before adopting and embedding technology in a particular phase of the project. The latest technology integration with the Drone, Virtual Reality, 3D Printer, and GEO BIM can help to improve the final project outcome with quality, cost and time efficiency.

• Embraces 3D Laser Scanning, Energy Analysis, Prefabrication & Cloud Collaboration

Opt for the company that embraces 3D Laser Scanning technology in BIM Modeling using point cloud data. This will help to make decisions about wanted or unwanted components and structures of the building. Scan to BIM also helps in creating a simulation analysis at an initial stage of feasibility assessment. Ensure that the company can also conduct Energy Analysis with 6D BIM facilitating optimizing energy consumption and sustainability. An ideal BIM Company should also be adept in implementing prefabrication and modularization techniques for construction clients and contractors to improve construction programs. It is also important that the BIM Company you are choosing should have the proficiency with BIM 360 document management software that integrates mobile technology with cloud collaboration for construction management on site.

• Trains & Evaluates BIM Staff

Your BIM professionals should be adept at creating a BIM strategy, combining existing workflow with BIM procedures. The BIM strategy must be designed focusing on the tangible as well as the intangible staff training requirements. The company must have the competency to identify useful mechanisms in an existing system and retain them in the new work process. BIM specialists should provide training and recommendations to you.

 • Supports Marketing of BIM services

It’s also significant to check out whether the BIM Company helps the professionals to secure bids through marketing presentations of 3D rendered images, 4D phasing and walkthrough animations.  Appoint the service provider who can make innovative use of BIM for presenting a valid representation of the project, helping you to win competitive bids.

Check out the following parameters in a BIM Company to ensure consistency across project lifecycle and collaboration among project team members.


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