Post Construction

Tejjy Inc. can be the all-inclusive service provider for the whole range of finishing jobs and carpentry works as well. We ensure that the client remains accomplished regarding the whole range of mechanical and electrical needs post-construction. Starting from decks to terrace, we have in-house specialists for a whole range of post-construction works.

Tejjy Inc. is equally flexible about providing temporary post-cleaning services as well. We have an explicit team for post-construction works, which includes skilled technicians and other manpower. Moreover, they are equally experienced in both commercial and residential construction and post-construction work.

Post-construction cleaning has been the most challenging of all post-construction works. It matters more for commercial projects as the tasks have to be meticulously handled. Starting from debris removal to the fundamental tasks like floor and wall cleaning, our service includes it all. Post finishing the cleaning, we go for a final cleaning upstage to meet the utmost perfection. All in all, we deliver the task so that you can immediately get started with utilizing the space. 

We understand it well that construction projects are comparatively time-consuming. However, our post-construction services are swift, trustworthy, and professionally perfect. Each aspect is handled by trained professionals and then meticulously supervised by experienced supervisors. This ensures the perfection with the work delivered,

Tejjy Inc. is flexible about serving clients as per their time conveniences. If they require, we can handle these tasks in concurrence with the on-going construction works at upstairs or other sections. In this context, we are having enough manpower strength and technicalities to handle the tasks from both ends. Those who want their construction project to complete sooner as possible or want getting started within quickest time can ask for the dual-mode service of us. Now it is needless to say that timely completion of the construction projects has never been an issue for us. However, we are available for providing only post-construction works as well.

Tejjy Inc. is one of the most reckoned names for construction works in Washington DC. Starting from commercial stores, retail shops, wholesales, to school buildings and residential buildings, we are thoroughly experienced in all segments of post-construction works. 

In its simplest terms, Design + Build means single-source responsibility.

Rapidly becoming an industry standard, the Design + Build method is a highly successful way to identify and maintain a budget while accomplishing a fast track schedule. This approach takes much of the burden off project owners, allowing them to focus on “running their business” rather than coordinating between the designer and builder.

Tejjy Construction is a highly experienced full-service Design + Build contractor. We work closely with our in-house architects or any architectural firm from the very onset of the project, creating a true “team” effort and enabling a seamless design and construction process. Over 75% of Tejjy’s portfolio are build +Design projects and have multiple staff members certified with the Design Build Institute of America.

From site selection to zoning approval, design development to construction, Tejjy’s Construction Management Team will be your in-house representative for all project concerns.

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