Commercial Construction

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Commercial Construction

Being strategic at each stage of the project, starting from estimation to full-fledge construction, is the reason that we have managed achieving such incredible feats in the commercial construction arena. Ultimately, it’s the client satisfaction that matters the most for us.

We thus come up with customized plans and projects for both residential and commercial construction works. Enriched with massive experience in this domain has enabled us to discover an explicit approach for every commercial project challenge. Moreover, we have a meticulous eye on each segment of the evolving commercial construction domain.

Accordingly, we make needful resources, tools, and technicalities available to ensure works always set the standard at the highest level. This is the secret behind us being able to finish the extensive commercial construction projects very much within time. High-end technicalities also help us in providing cost-effective services for the client.

We have seen all types of challenges

The most challenging part about commercial construction a project is that here the shape and size of the workspace varies from one to the other. It means one can’t just approach only with a few plans in mind. In this context, it is essential for a developer to possess adequate experience in handling these challenges with perfection. And, we at Tejjy Inc. are massively experienced, having dealt with commercial spaces of various size and shape. Starting from private offices, gymnasiums, retail stores, to mega official halls, we have handled it all.

We understand your budget

The budget has been one of the key factors in commercial construction projects. Enriched with high-end technicalities, skilled manpower, and immense experience, we know it well on how to deliver the best solutions as per the budget constraint of the client. Not just in terms of design, we are adept enough in keeping the budget under control upon completing the task in quickest possible time.


Tejjy Inc. is a responsible house and hence remains very concerned about the safety aspects. We understand that commercial projects involve the highest safety challenges, and thus come up with the most advanced arrangement for precaution. In this context, we follow all the top standards, including OSHA. Moreover, our professionals are given regular classes on how to stay tuned with the highest safety standards. Not just during the project days; these classes are organised by us throughout the year. Ultimately, complete client assurance has been our topmost priority.

Building Relationships and Reputations In The Commercial Construction Industry Sector

  • Rebranding and Reimaging in commercial construction
  • Remodeling and renovation work
  • Light commercial construction jobs
  • Site development
  • Ground Up

Aside from construction work  at Tejjy Inc. we are experts in:

* Retail

* Providing Airport Services

* Restaurants and Hospitality

* Light industrial work

* Corporate Office Spaces

Select the best commercial construction company in Washington DC, Baltimore, VA & MD USA

Compare the reputations, estimates and past performances of local construction companies before deciding the best one to hire. In the vicinity of Baltimore, MD, Washington D C and Virginia, Tejjy Inc. is the choice that should be made.

Tejjy Inc. Commercial & Residential Company  offer

 The best quality work

 Best reputation

 The best price


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