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Tejjy Inc. creates sustainable built environments, enhancing peoples’ life and providing maximum value for clients. Diversity of people, high-tech knowledge and digital technology deliver exclusive outcomes with cost and time efficacy. Since 2006, Tejjy Inc. is Women owned Certified Disadvantage/Minority Business Enterprise serving Washington DC & Baltimore Metropolitan Area. With years of experience and expertise, we have emerged as a truly multidisciplinary construction company. We are a well-known name involved in offering services for various assortment of building construction works. All the services are offered following the global construction norms utilizing the superior quality construction material along with advanced techniques. You can trust us for any types of construction work


Over the years Tejjy Inc. has preformed multiple constructions from residenstial to commercial projects. All while maintaining one goal in mind. Offering the best products possible in a cost effective way as well as maintaining a high level of customer relationship. At Tejjy Inc., we take great pride in the expertise and knowledge that we have obtained from years of working on many complex but rewarding construction projects. We have all the required resources, support staff and engineering to handle any types of projects regardless of location, complexity, size and other parameters.


We strive to provide the best service and products possible, with the highest regards to quality, energy efficient and customer satisfaction. We, at Tejjy Inc., always guarantee superior quality work. Whenever we plan any construction project, we make it to fulfil your present and future requirements. You can always expect a superior quality building from Tejjy Inc. We use advanced construction techniques and materials, and we never compromise in quality as we understand the real value of a home.


At Tejjy, integrity is indispensable to our mission. We act with honesty and adhere to the highest standards of moral and ethical values and principles through our personal and professional behavior. At Tejjy Inc., we follow a single philosophy, i.e., doing construction with integrity. Our commitment to excellence depicts our business philosophy. We extend respects to every client and honour their individuality. We major our integrity through unity, honour, quality and truth. For us, our customer satisfaction is our success. We fulfil our commitment without any excuse.

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Everything You Get Under One Roof!

Since 2006, Tejjy Inc is a Women-owned certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) serving MD, DC ,VA and Baltimore area. Embracing Professional Ethics, Improvized Design Management Techniques, Quality Assurance in our personalized solutions to the clients requirement is our prime concern. Core values strengthening our foundation are:

Principle of Integrity

We are inexorable to be truthful and reliable while working for client.

Safety & Health

We work unabatedly for our team as for our clients. Security measures and healthy work environment being one of the prime concern.

Quality Assurance

Striving for excellence and holding the mark of quality is one of the pivotal benchmarks while delivering solutions to our client requirements.

Reliable & Cost-Efficient

Integration of views and vision of an unabated team in a collaborative environment delivers relentlessly cost-efficient construction solutions to our clients where every client is our priority.

Personalized Services

Building long term and futuristic relations while designing your dreams into reality is an important aspect of our working. We collaborate and worked in a spirited and motivated environment with our staff, subcontractors, suppliers ,colleagues and clients.

Primitive Technology

Believing in the power of technology in the construction firm we use Virtual design and construction tools and technologies like BIM, drones, VR and Robotics and Big Data.

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