Making Tech Work for You

To ensure that a building project is executed successfully take more than just materials and labor. Indeed, it takes accurate and timely information and effective communications. Our goal therefore is to be constantly providing up-to-date information for the project at hand that can be accessed by the entire team, whenever and wherever it’s needed. This information starts in the design phases, covering every milestone of the project up until its close. That’s why we are leaders in the industry, providing the most sophisticated of technology solutions for all our projects across Baltimore, Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland. We provide technology that helps deliver quality, cost, and schedule that you can count on. We don’t just deliver tech for technology’s sake.

The Tejjy Construction Projects Portal

For a project to work seamlessly, each team member requires real-time access to all necessary information. This directly benefits the bottom line of your project as well as enhancing collaboration. The secure “Tejjy Construction Project Portal” was designed exactly with this in mind. It was designed in-house, with dashboards that are easy to use and that provide access to project-specific apps, building info models, analytics and reports, team calendars, progress photos, and more. All this is available anywhere and at any time, at your fingertips; from your design workroom to your board room or the heart of your active Baltimore or Maryland job site.

Real Value from a Customized Approach

Todays’ commercial & Residential construction projects are far more complex than they were in yesteryear. They use tighter budgets, faster schedules, and designs that are one of a kind throughout all of the process. In order to deliver an outcome that is successful, technology is integral. And it is our commitment to you to always deliver a successful outcome.

You will find that our approach to technology is different to that of other contractors; it is more agile. We listen to your closely in order to understand all your requirements first, before we get started with the job. We will then provide you with a tailored package that is unique to you and complete; a package that uses all the relevant technology tools as well as practical building know-how that will ensure your goals are reached.

In order to do this, we are always on the lookout for new tech trends, trying out new practices we find in order to improve our client results. We work directly with the giants Microsoft and Oracle as well as with Blue beam and Auto desk software developers. We also work directly with product manufacturers like the leader in virtual reality, Occulus, doing so to make all their products work better for our both our partners and our clients. Asides these giants, you will also find newcomers that turn to us for feedback and R&D input.

Our Technology Tools Provide Value by:

  • Enhancing communication
  • Improving collaboration
  • Streamlining the decision making process
  • Delivering pricing that is accurate
  • Streamlining schedules
  • Ensuring a reduction in changes in the field
  • Improving and enhancing pro






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