Expansion and growth is exciting. It’s a new beginning. Since 2009, Tejjy Construction has been assisting our clients in the pursuit of their future goals. Our mission is to take the worry out of your growth process and deliver the vehicle with which you can conquer greater frontiers.

Our Special Projects division can serve any need you have, from repurposing an interior, adding on to your existing building or constructing a supplemental facility on your site. No matter the complexity or scope, we have the expertise and skill to complete your project smoothly, on schedule and, most importantly, with very little interruption to your ongoing business operations.

In a career spanning more than a decade, we have worked with the most renowned clients in Washington, DC. Meeting the expectations of the hugely reckoned corporate houses in terms of excellence and budget, even during the initial days, was confidence-boosting. We have dealt with many lavish projects to show off as our ability. However, we want to ensure that the standard keeps on mounting in an envious fashion.

Not just top corporate, we are proud to have developed any trendsetting residential projects and apartments. This includes many lavish celebrity private bungalows as well. This is enough to depict our technical expertise and manpower strength. Starting from residential and commercial construction to renovation, our portfolio includes many high-up names to boast and highlight our efficacy.

An incredible feat that Tejjy Inc. would love to maintain is its strong and powerful relationship with the client base. In fact, most of our clients are our permanent clients. Starting from pre-construction, estimation, to final development, we hold complete responsibility for their works. Not just the mammoth projects, we have enough to showcase in terms of creatively developed small scale projects as well. Upon taking a peek into these projects, our ability to complete the task within a stipulated timeframe can be very much evident.

There is a huge range of projects we have in our portfolio to showcase. Most of these glorify our technical, architectural, and constructional ability. At the same time, these proudly depict our expertise and ability to making impeccable estimations. The best part is that our estimation is always about delivering the most budget-friendly solution for the client.

Tejjy Inc. always thrives on remaining a step ahead of the competitors. In this context, we have partnered with the most reckoned technological houses with expertise in constructional technology developments. This is the secret behind the explicitness one can mark with each of our projects available there on our portfolio.

Everyone talks about the works they have done or simply cherish their past performances. We at Tejjy Inc. always take things a step forward by conveying the clients about our upcoming visionary projects. There are many exciting projects we are having in the line-up in Washington DC to establish more in this arena.

On a concluding note, we believe all these proud making aspects are nothing but the reflections of our passion and consistent thriving of delivering something excellent, every time.

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